What you need to know about the global tech giant’s stock, tech company, and technology news

Tech companies are getting bigger and more powerful every day, and the news is not all good for your stock portfolio.

It is hard to know which of these stocks will rise and fall, and when.

But the best way to invest is by comparing your own portfolio with the performance of your peers.

To help you do this, TechCademy has put together a series of stock market and tech investment guides.

It will help you decide whether you should own any of these companies and which ones are a good investment.


IBM stock: IBM is one of the world’s biggest technology companies and the world leader in computers.

The company employs more than a million people and has a market cap of $US1.3 trillion.

The stock is expected to rise in 2018.


Facebook stock: Facebook is a global social media giant with more than 500 million users and a market capitalisation of $AD9.6 trillion.

Facebook was founded in 2005 by Mark Zuckerberg, who is worth $US150 billion.

Its stock is up 9 per cent this year, while its dividend has risen 20 per cent.


Amazon stock: Amazon is one the world ‘s largest online retailers with more customers than any other online retailer.

It has a $US10 trillion market cap and is valued at $US40 billion.

The latest share price rose 6 per cent in 2017.


Apple stock: Apple has a strong tech-based presence and an annual revenue of more than $US100 billion.

It started life as an online bookstore, but has grown into a company that sells Apple products and services.


Google stock: Google is a popular search engine and social networking platform.

It currently has more than 5.6 million users across the world.


LinkedIn stock: LinkedIn is an online community where employees can connect and share ideas and share professional opportunities.

It had a market value of $B2.2 trillion in 2016.


Microsoft stock: Microsoft has more users than any company in the world, and its stock is currently valued at more than US$US20 trillion.


Oracle stock: Oracle is a software and services company that provides software solutions and data management for businesses.

It was founded by Steve Ballmer in 1985 and is a publicly traded company with a market price of US$17.8 billion.


SAP stock: SAP is a cloud-based computing and analytics software platform.

Its market value was US$4.3 billion in 2017, and it has a quarterly turnover of more $USUS1 trillion.


Uber stock: Uber is one-of-a-kind, global transportation company with more riders on its ridesharing platform than any others in the US.

It opened in 2013 and is one an online platform that connects drivers with customers.


Facebook article 1.IBM stock: This is the stock that is most likely to rise or fall.

2, Facebook stock (IBM): This is one that is expected in 2018 and is up more than 3 per cent, according to a recent research report.

3, Facebook (Facebook): The stock rose 5 per cent last year, according a research report from the research firm Morningstar.

4, Google stock (Google): This stock has a significant growth potential and has seen a 10 per cent increase in 2017 and a 5 per per cent drop in 2016, according the research report by Morningstar (MTO).

5, Amazon stock (Amazon): The share has a lot of potential and is expected on average to rise by about 5 per a cent this quarter, according MTO.

6, LinkedIn stock (LinkedIn): This was the top performing stock on Morningstar’s TechTrends Index, which tracks technology companies.

7, Google (Google) stock: The stock has seen significant growth over the past few years and is worth US$20 billion in 2018, according Morningstar, which says it has increased revenue by 40 per cent and is forecasted to increase revenue by a further 50 per cent by 2020.

8, Facebook article 2.

Facebook stock: In 2018, Facebook has grown its market cap by more than 4 per cent year on year, which is expected.

The recent report by TechCADemy said that the company’s stock is now worth more than double the size of the market cap.

3 and 4, Microsoft stock (Microsoft): The Microsoft share has seen an increase in value of around 40 per a share in 2017 to reach a market valuation of US $US2.6 billion.

5, Oracle stock (Oracle): Oracle has been a tech company for over 30 years, and this stock has grown from a company in 1995 to a company with almost half a trillion dollars in annual revenue in 2017 (MRO).

6, Oracle (Oracle) stock (Eureka): The company has seen tremendous growth in its stock market value over


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