What’s the best stock portfolio for you?

With the stock market in an all-time high and the Fed tightening, it’s time to take stock for yourself.

Here are the top stocks to consider when you want to get the most bang for your buck in the stock investing world.

Read more>>Here are our top stocks for 2017.1.

CVS stockCVS is the most popular stock to buy in the United States.

It’s also one of the safest stocks to own.

You can buy it online or from your local pharmacy.

This stock is currently up about 5 percent.2.

WYN stockWYN stock has been gaining momentum lately.

It has surged to over $10 per share.

It is one of several popular stocks in the market, along with Walmart and Apple.3.

Apple stock Apple is the world’s biggest tech company.

It competes with Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

The stock has seen a lot of bullish talk lately.4.

Microsoft stockMicrosoft has been one of America’s most popular tech companies for many years.

The company is in a great position right now.

But it also has a lot to worry about.5.

Chevron stockChevron has been up about 30 percent over the past year.

The Chevron business is profitable, but its stock price is at an all time high.6.

Vanguard stockVanguard has been steadily increasing its stock portfolio in recent years.

It gained more than 50 percent over its past five years.7.

Cisco stockThe Cisco stock has risen over 50 percent this year, and it has seen its price rise as well.

The growth of Cisco is the reason why many people invest in the tech stock.8.

GE stockGE stock has experienced a huge rise over the last year.

It now sits at $62.99.

This company is a great place to buy stocks for retirement.9.

Wal-Mart stockWalmart stock has surged recently.

The retail giant has seen some of the highest prices in the industry.

It also has seen record sales growth.10.

Amazon stockAmazon has been making some strong moves over the years.

Amazon has been expanding its presence and expanding its workforce.

Amazon is a huge company, with about 2.5 million employees.


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