When you get hit with a ransomware, you may have to pay to stay out

Updated September 29, 2018 11:01:52The cybercriminals who hit you with a malicious ransomware attack are now asking you to pay for your own recovery, after they successfully hacked into your email, banking, and other accounts.

As of today, some of the most popular ransomware families are offering a way to pay back their victims in Bitcoins.

This new payment method is called “Payment via Bitcoin”, and it allows users to send a payment to their account in Bitcoins, and receive a reward in Bitcoins as well.

This ransomware attack is believed to have been launched by a new batch of ransomware families that is called CryptoLocker, and it is being targeted at people who have lost their jobs and have not yet had their files locked down.

According to Google, “Payments to Bitcoin are currently available via Paypal, BitPay, Payza and Payza.com.”

It is unclear what sort of rewards will be given out in Bitcoin, but one of the ransomware families, CryptoLocked, has previously offered to send users money to pay a ransom.

This is the second ransomware attack that has been spotted in the UK, after a cybercrimson group was able to attack more than 2,000 people with ransomware attacks in April.

The first ransomware attack targeted the UK in April 2018, when over 1,000 British residents lost their computer data.


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