What we know so far about Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards

NVIDIA has announced a new lineup of Pascal GPUs, but they don’t seem to be anything special.

We don’t know how long these new cards will be in production, but it seems likely that they will be around until sometime in 2020, when AMD will finally launch its own new graphics cards.

It’s not clear whether this will be a Pascal GPU or something completely different.

The next-gen graphics cards that NVIDIA is unveiling today are not the Pascal GPUs that have been rumored, but rather a pair of smaller GPUs.

The GeForce GTX 980 is a 4-way SLI card that packs a 256-bit memory bus and runs at a frequency of 1GHz.

The GTX 980 Ti is a 3-way GPU that’s identical to the GTX 980 but packs a 384-bit bus and is capable of running at 1GHz, though it has a slightly higher base clock.

Both cards are rated for 1440p.

The Pascal GPUs are the first NVIDIA graphics cards to support DirectX 12, the upcoming API that lets developers create games with more complex physics and higher-quality visuals.

The company has also added new features to the driver that make it easier for developers to work with new hardware.

These include support for 3D Vision, NVIDIA Surround, and Surround Audio.

The company is also announcing two new GPUs, the GeForce GTX 970 and GeForce GTX 1070.

Both of these are rated at 5GHz, but at a slightly lower frequency.

These cards will run at 1,280MHz.

Both cards have a base clock of 675MHz, and both of them will be equipped with two 256-bundled GDDR5 memory chips.

The 970 is rated at 3,560MHz while the 1070 is rated for 4,000MHz.

NVIDIA will offer two versions of the GeForce 970: a 128-bit model with 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and a 256×128 version with 8GB of memory.

The 512GB version of the card is also expected to have 4GB RAM.

The graphics card pictured above is the same one NVIDIA launched in February, but the company has not announced pricing for this model yet.


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