What happens when the Dow Jones falls?

Posted October 12, 2018 07:07:16The Dow Jones dropped more than 400 points on Friday.

Its market cap fell more than 8% from the day before.

The Dow has dropped more on the day than any other major index, which has been a boon for the Dow, which currently sits at about 1,700.

The Nasdaq, which is up 1.6%, is up more than 2%.

On the other hand, the S&P 500 is down 3% from a week ago.

The tech sector is down a lot, too.

But, according to some analysts, the Dow will recover after falling.

They predict that the market will hit its record low on the back of the economic stimulus plan that President Donald Trump signed into law on Friday, a.k.a.


And that will give the Dow a boost and the S.&amp.;P.

500 another boost.

A.G. Laferriere, senior investment strategist at Credit Suisse in London, told CNBC that the Dow has had its ups and downs, but that there is little doubt that it will rebound.

He believes the economy will be stronger than it was before the tax cuts and stimulus bill went into effect, and he expects a rebound in the S., P., and Q. markets, too, which have all fallen over the last couple of weeks.

He thinks the Dow and S.P. are more likely to rebound than other indexes.

The S.S. and Dow have been hit by some of the worst-ever recessions and are on track to recover in the second quarter, Laferris said.

The S&amps are down about 50 points this year, and they’re already down about 100 points in 2018, according.

The Dow has fallen more than 5% over the past year.


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