What do the odds are of Google stock crashing tomorrow?

Google is under increasing pressure as investors look to take a shot at the company.

With the stock price at a record low, and Google stock down more than 50% from a record high in June, the company is already looking for some cash to pay off its debt and cover a $5.6 billion deficit.

With no major announcements of its own, analysts are already raising questions about the viability of the company and whether it will survive in the years ahead.

But the company’s stock price has been under pressure from a variety of sources, and the odds of it crashing are not as high as they are for Apple, for example.

For one thing, Google is not a public company.

Its stock is held by Google’s parent company Alphabet, which has a majority stake in the company, as well as the two smaller companies that are part of Alphabet.

The two companies also have a vested interest in maintaining Google’s market share, according to CNBC’s Tim Worstall.

Google is also a public technology company.

It is also, at this point, unclear how much of Google’s revenue comes from ads.

“The fact that Google’s stock is down more then 50% in the last month alone is not good for the stock,” Worstall wrote.

“It’s also very hard to see Google’s valuation going up in the next year, especially given that it’s on the verge of becoming insolvent.”

Investors are also concerned about Alphabet’s financial health.

Alphabet has faced a number of financial setbacks in recent years.

Last year, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing a “high-risk” business model and a potential revenue shortfall.

Alphabet, however, said that it has continued to invest and will continue to make money.

Google also recently announced a $4 billion investment in the San Francisco-based Internet search giant, saying it is creating more than 10,000 jobs.


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