How MTV’s Music Video for “Killing Me Softly” Is a Musical (And It’s Full of Racist, Sexist Comments)

The music video for the hip-hop hit “KILL ME SOFTLY” is an important moment in hip-hip culture.

But there’s one big problem with it: Its title.

The video is an extended, racially charged rap track in which a group of African American men are called out by white rappers for using “bad language.”

In the video, one of the men uses the word “pig” in a racist way and a racist woman uses the phrase “pigs, nests and babies.”

In the comments section of the video (below), fans and critics are calling out the video’s title, which was edited and reworked to remove “bad” from the word.

Here are some of the most popular responses.

In a statement, MTV apologized and said the video is not an intentional attempt to demean the Black community.

But the video doesn’t sit well with many critics, including one who called the video a “disgrace.”

Here are a few other reactions from critics.

In an email to The Huffington Post, MTV said it takes the comments “very seriously,” and that the video was “a product of a creative process that we were unable to control.”


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