‘Boredom Is the Death of the Business’: The Business of TV and Film in America

The most lucrative form of entertainment in America is “TV,” and we’ve long been told that it’s for the most part boring.

We’ve been told it’s just an excuse for us to be bored and stay up all night, and it’s not that bad a deal. 

But the reality is that it is, and that the only way to really get bored is to watch something that isn’t boring.

So, how much of TV is boring?

Here are the five most boring things we’ve watched since the beginning of time.1.

The Simpsons, Season 4, episode 2B: The Simpsons has never been particularly good, and this episode is no exception.

The episode opens with the main characters, Homer and Bart, on a road trip and have a rather silly encounter with an old woman who is the real life owner of a pet donkey. 

They are promptly chased off by a car full of angry hippos.

They try to flee, but it’s too late.

The hippos rip open the window of the car and grab the driver.

The whole thing is pretty funny. 


The Walking Dead, Season 1, episode 12B: This is the first season of The Walking West.

The show is about a group of survivors living in the apocalypse and is filled with moments that, while not particularly good (for a show with its emphasis on survival), are definitely enjoyable. 

This episode is one of those moments.

They find themselves on a bridge over a river with a horde of zombies, and the show is pretty good about making it easy for you to understand the stakes and how they’re supposed to play out. 


The Walking Dead: Season 4. 

Season 4 of The Hunger Games series was a big hit in China, but that didn’t stop the producers from re-imaging the series and bringing in a Chinese actress to portray Katniss Everdeen.

Katnss Everdeen is a pretty popular character in China and she was used to great success in the U.S. She played a role in a popular Chinese TV show, and she has had quite a career. 

In fact, she was the star of the original series and one of the biggest stars in China.

The producers re-imagined Katnoss, and they brought in another Chinese actress, Li Bingbing, to play Katness. 


Game of Thrones, Season 6B: This is one episode in the third season of Game of Thrones.

A few months ago, HBO announced that the sixth season would premiere in the fall of 2019, which would give fans an unprecedented amount of time to catch up on the first few seasons.

This episode features a flashback to the Battle of Blackwater, a battle that was fought on a snowy battlefield between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

There’s an interesting backstory to it that I’ll get to later, but in the middle of the flashback, a giant storm bursts out of the sky, sending huge chunks of ice flying.

The storm comes back to bite them and they lose their lives in an explosion.

It’s a rather awesome scene, and a really cool way to end the episode. 


Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 5, episode 6B, “Future Imperfect”B:   The “Next Generation” franchise has always had a reputation for being pretty bad at predicting the future.

We all know the showrunners always say that they want to predict everything in the future, but there are some moments where they do not get it. 

For example, one episode of the series that was supposed to be the last in the series had Kirk going on a tour of Starfleet Command.

Kirk’s ship was damaged in the storm, and he wanted to do some repairs on the bridge, which were all set up in the first episode of Season 6.

Then, he was pulled back into the past and we learn that Kirk had actually been the commander of a Starfleet ship that had crashed in the Bermuda Triangle. 

What Kirk learned about the Bermuda triangle was that it was an artificial satellite orbiting the earth.

So, we know that the entire Enterprise crew went into space on a mission to explore the Bermuda area, but we didn’t learn what Kirk’s mission was to find out.

I don’t want to spoil the plot here, but I think this is an episode where we could have seen Kirk getting into trouble.

I think he was going to get in trouble for being a little too optimistic about his mission. 


Kong: The Legend of Li Bang, episode 10B, “Liang”B, Chinese version of the hit TV series “Game of Drones” I am not saying that this episode has anything to do with Kongs popularity in China (which is probably why it was only used


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